Director’s Message


“The highest education is that which does not merely give us information but makes our life in harmony with all existence.” R. Tagore.

School of knowledge aspires all the students to focus on their goals and succeed in life. We endeavor to continue with the  commitment demonstrated by our founding members Mrs. Fauzia Ansari and Mrs. Deanne Jackson, the former Principal Sr.Elma Joseph, His Excellency Bishop Paul Hinder the administrator, Mr. Joseph Flynn the Managing Director of St. Mary’s Group of Schools, Sr. Fatima Rodrigues the Superior General of Franciscan Missionaries of Christ the King, Principal, Vice-Principal, Headmistress, Coordinators, staff-members, parents  are the guiding lights and students are the shining stars of our school.

 We have a dynamic, hardworking faculty who are involved in education to benefit the students. Every single day we revisit and reconnect with the continuing journey of our school. We thank the Almighty God for blessing us with beautiful surroundings and the necessary facilities. We celebrate the joy of learning and growing in mind, body and spirit as well as the bond that we share with the past and present members of the SOK Family. We continue to embrace the beliefs on which our School was founded upon and understand how important and relevant they still are today – to both our school and to the world we live in.

In the light of the increased tensions and disharmony in and around the globe due to Pandemic, the unprecedented challenges of recent months, I do want to share with you my admiration for the courage and resilience that the staff members have demonstrated. We have inspired each other to live with hope and face the future in the sure knowledge that we will emerge from this in a stronger position than ever before.

I am immeasurably proud of our staff and I marvel at their resourcefulness and the compassionate solicitude that they have demonstrated for all our students. In countless ways, they have revealed the depth of their love for this School. They have moved proverbial mountains during recent months and have done so with grace, excellence and kindness, always seeking to ‘go the extra mile’ in order to maximize learning opportunities for our students. I am proud of them, grateful to them and humbled by them. 

Therefore we rejoice in the love that promises us together to look at the future with Positivity, Passion and Persistence.  

Thank you
Sr. Bobina Soares