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His Excellency Bishop PAUL HINDER


True happiness in this world is the right terrestrial aim of man and true happiness lies in the finding and maintenance of a natural harmony of spirit, mind and body. Dear Students, when sorrows come into your life and threaten to destroy the very things you treasure most, your happiness and joy, and when that crushing power threatens everything worthwhile, and clouds of darkness gather and you find it hard to smile, lift your head and let the world hear every word you say. With faith and love go forward to the goal that is set before you. Remember you are the bright citizens of tomorrow. The time you have today, make use of it in a better way, the three things which you cannot get back is time, a spoken word and opportunity. Each day’s lesson taught by your teacher is the step to victory. Your teacher is your second mother, whom you have to respect and love.

The world of today is filled with turmoil, war, hatred, violence and intolerance. Remember that only tolerance can save the world. Tolerance teaches the lesson of patience. In the absences of tolerance the situation is bound to drift to chaos, instability, death and destruction. Tolerance is the key to world peace, prosperity and harmony.

Dear Teachers, when you are over-burdened with life’s toil and earthly care, when life becomes so dreary, it seems more than you can bear, when weariness overcomes you and you yearn for peaceful rest, turn to the Lord for rest, because trials of the day leave you discouraged and depressed. When you think there is no song within your heart and feels that you cannot teach students because all the students are not the same, then turn your thoughts to gladness for the great teacher is there to help you.

Dear one and all, my humble wish for all of you is that when fortune smiles upon you, and your cup of joy is full, when everything you want is yours and life seems wonderful, when days and weeks go flitting by, try to hear your voice speaking within that you are not alone – God is with you to support and guide you through your journey of life.

Parents, your child, are the precious gift of God. Love them, take care of them and mould them whenever it is needed. Beware lest all these treasures of this earth lead your children astray. Whatever your children may be, for life is ever changing, love can conquer everything, so conquer your children with love. By which sadness turns to gladness, and sorrows change to happiness. God is always there to calm your fears. So trust in Him always.

May God bless each one of you.

Bishop Paul Hinder


A Word

From Our Director

“The highest education is that which does not merely give us information but makes our life in harmony with all existence.” R. Tagore.

School of knowledge aspires all the students to focus on their goals and succeed in life. We endeavor to continue with the commitment demonstrated by our founding members Mrs. Deanne Jackson and Mrs. Ansari,  the former Principal Sr.Elma Joseph, His Excellency Bishop Paul Hinder the administrator, Mr. Joseph Flynn the Managing Director of St. Mary’s Group of Schools, Sr. Fatima Rodrigues the Superior General of Franciscan Missionaries of Christ the King, Principal, Vice-Principal, Headmistress, Coordinators, staff-members, parents  are the guiding lights and students are the shining stars of our school.

Sr. Bobina Soares


“Each toddler walking through the gates of School of Knowledge is viewed as a talent reserve and the school works relentlessly towards empowering each and every child.”


Striving for excellence, striding towards success and seeking new horizons for personal growth and worth.



  • In fostering honesty, charity, justice and service to others.
  • In empowering critical and creative thinking.
  • In a collaborative learning environment that involves co-operation among students, teachers, school leaders and parents.
  • In enabling students to become global citizens to face the challenges of the 21st century.

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