General Information



  • Monday to Thursday:    8:00 am to 12:30 pm

  • Saturday:    8:30 am to 11:30 am

  • Friday & Sunday Closed


are as follows:

FS1 /FS2/YEAR 1 :    7:30 am to 12:30 pm 

GR1/YEAR 2 – GR7/YEAR 8 :     7:30 am to 2:30 p.m.

School Diary

The school diary is a communication link between Parents and Teachers. Parents are expected to go through the diary everyday. Parents are expected to sign remarks sent in the diary. The diary should be brought to school daily.

Attendance and Punctuality

Students are expected to be punctual. As academic promotion is based on steady progress of assignments throughout the year, students must maintain regular attendance. No student may be absent without prior approval. Students who have been absent without prior permission are expected to bring a written reason for absence in the diary. Permission for a long absence has to be sought in advance.

Parent Teacher Meeting

We believe in keeping our parents informed of their child’s progress on a regular basis. Parent’s visits are organized thrice a year .i.e. after each term examination. Parents are informed in advance regarding the date and timings of these Parent-Teacher Meeting. We also encourage parents to meet with the teacher (by prior appointment) if they are concerned about their child’s progress.

Admission Policy

Students are given an entrance test and are interviewed. Granting of admission is entirely up to the discretion of the head of the school.

Academic Evaluation

Promotions from one level to another are on the basis of regular academic work, progress and achievement tests throughout the year. The school adheres to the promotion rules set by the Ministry. Students who are absent for any assessment tests are marked “Absent” on the report card.

School Clinic

The school has a well-equipped clinic. The school doctor does a regular check-up of the students and keeps a record of vaccination programmes and general medical history information as per the Ministry requirement. The school has full time nurses who deal with minor emergencies and accidents which occur during the school day. They are also responsible for organizing and monitoring height, weight assessments, dental care and overall hygiene.

School Library

The school has a library with a reference and study section. The library is well equipped with works of fiction. Junior classes have class libraries. Students have a weekly library period and maintain a record of books read. Extra-curricular reading is encouraged.

Science Laboratory

The school endeavors to teach all science concepts through practical demonstration. The science lab is an area for conducting experiments illustrating principles taught in class allowing for understanding and hands on learning

Computer Laboratory

The school has a well-equipped computer laboratory where each student gets an opportunity to work on the computer and enhance his/her computer skills.